[Trip] [Guide] Where to Shop in Langkawi

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I believe many people won't leave Langkawi without bringing back luggage of duty free goods. Chocolates, alcohols, cigarette, perfumes etc etc..  

However, many will ask, where should I shop to get the best bargain. There are many duty free shops around Langkawi offering different variety of goods like The Zon, Warisan, Coco Valley, Saga to name a few bigger ones. Each shop offers different bargain for different product. You may also find duty free shops at the jetty or the airport but prices will be higher compared to the town.

I will break down the location according to product categories.

Due to the duty free status, you may find chocolates in Langkawi selling almost half of the price you will find in mainland for most of the products. Prices for chocolates are rather competitive with price variance between 20cents to RM2.00 between shops. Hot selling brands like Ferrero Rocher, Hersheys, Lindt etc are priced very similar. If you are staying in Kuah, you might want to pay a visit to Saga Shopping Centre which I find their chocolates are the cheapest among all other shops in Kuah. It is located slightly off from the main road which will be harder to find. Just beware with the expiry dates as cheaper chocolates often expiring soon. If you plan to keep for a longer period, I suggest to buy from higher priced shops which normally carries newer batches of stocks.

Saga Shopping Centre
Address: Jalan Pandak Mayah 5, Kuah. (Off Jalan Penarak)
Operation Hours: 10am to 10pm

Other shops like Coco Valley and The Zon offers competitive prices as well. If you are staying at Pantai Cenang, then this two will be your main choice of place to shop. Located just next to the Underwater World Langkawi.

Hard liquor is also one of the favourite item to bring back after the trip. However, Malaysian custom only allows 1L of hard liquor per person regardless of days of stay for domestic flights. This includes luggage and hand carry. Meaning to say, every one is only allowed for one litre (or 1 bottle, arguable) of hard liquor. Any more than that is subject to tax or inspection. If you are lucky with the checks (during peak period) then you might able to get through with two or more. A side note, both custom and police will check on the luggage for any attempt of "smuggling" hard liquor.

During my stay, I find Warisan Duty Free sells the cheapest hard liquor among the others. You might want to drop by the Warisan Duty Free located in Pantai Cenang (also next to Underwater world) during your visit to grab a bottle or two. There is another Warisan located in Kuah town but Pantai Cenang has better offer.

I have zero knowledge of wines hence will skip to comment.

Beer is dirt cheap in Langkawi. I drank beer more than water during my stay in Langkawi (thanks to the cold rainy weather). Basically you will find beer priced almost the same, if not cheaper than soft drinks in Langkawi. Therefore, drink all you may. Do remember to bring some on your way back too.

There is a shop in Kuah town known as Cote De Perfume selling lots of variety of perfumes. However, I'm not in knowledge of the prices of perfumes hence I reserve my comments on the pricing.

Not a fan of smoking, hence no comment.

Cheap but off seasoned or old stocks. I didn't buy any during my visit.

Not recommended as the price difference is not that great and some times even more expensive than main land as some of the products are not taxable.

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[Trip] [Guide] What and Where to Eat in Langkawi

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Food is always one of the things that one will look forward during a trip (well, at least for me). Even though Langkawi is not known as a food heaven, but you will definitely able to find a few nice place for food.

Tripadvisor has one of the most complete listing of restaurants with review from people around the world. I managed to try a few of them during my short stay and will share them separately in other posts. To view the listing of restaurants from Tripadvisor kindly click --> Restaurants in Langkawi

Even thou Langkawi may be a small island, you are still able to find a variety of food here ranges from local cuisine, European cuisine, fast food, Japanese cuisine, Thai cuisine and also fine dining.

There are a few restaurants/stalls/shops that I been to during my stay which I will recommend/not recommend as per listing below:-

La Chocolatine - Pantai Cenang (Pastries, desserts and coffee)
Scarborough Fish & Chips - Tanjung Rhu (Fish & Chips)
Privilege Restaurant & Bar - Pantai Kok (Fine dining)
Restaurant Wan Thai - Kuah Town (Thai food)

The Loaf - Pantai Kok (Bakery)
Artisan Pizza - Kuah Town (Pizza)
Nasi Kandar Tomato - Pantai Cenang

There are a few more restaurants that I wished to try but unfortunately there's just little space I can fill with my stomach during my short stay. Please click into the links of the restaurants above to know more.

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[Trip] [Guide] How To Get Around In Langkawi

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Due to the lack of public transport on the island, getting around in Langkawi will be quite an issue, and depends on where you stay for the availability. For frequent travels around the island, a car rental is definitely recommended. If you just plan to stay in your resort throughout your whole trip, then you might just need to hire a taxi during the transfer from the jetty or the air port.

Taxi on the island generally ranges from RM5 to RM30, depends on the distance and time and is widely available due to the busy tourist industry. Surcharge might apply if you hire a taxi after 10pm. A trip from the airport to Kuah town will cost around RM30 onwards. Travel from Pantai Cenang to Kuah town will cost you around RM25. Be sure to ask for the price before you get on the taxi.

Car rental is the most economic way to travel around the island especially when you are in a big group. Most of the car rental companies are available at Kuah Jetty and the airport. Price ranges from as low as RM50/day to RM300/day or more, depending on the car type as well as the season. The car rental charges usually cost double during peak season like public holiday. Be sure to know how to bargain for a cheaper fare. 

You may try your luck at Kuah Jetty as the competition there is higher compared to airport and other towns. Just beware of unlicensed operator where there is no insurance coverage for any mishaps occurred during your renting period. Legit car rental companies have to insure their car for their businesses and hence higher price.

During low season, you will see many operators competing each other near the jetty entrance near the taxi pickup/KFC to get customer and that is when you can negotiate for a better deal. Try offer them your budget price and let them match it for you. Nego for cheaper price if you plan to hire more days, and also to ask them pick up their car from your hotel during the end of the rental instead of you delivering the car back to them. This will save you taxi cost to travel back to your hotel.

During my stay, it was low season and I'm able to get a Proton Wira (Auto transmission) for RM140 for three days (72hours). They calculate based on 24 hours blocks, which means, if you rent on 5pm, then your end time will be the next day 5pm. Every extra hour is charged depending on their rate. You may also try to rent a car from the airport when you touch down from your flight but price will be higher than jetty as there is less competitors. Just try asking first before deciding to take a cab.

Besides renting a car, you may also opt for a cheaper alternative like bikes especially when you travel in single or pairs. I'm not aware of the rental charges for bikes as I don't own a license to ride one. You will be able to see bike renting shops around Kuah and Pantai Cenang area.

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[Trip] [Guide] Langkawi Field Trip 2013

Langkawi has changed much since I last stepped foot there about 10 years ago. I just been to Langkawi for a 4D3N trip in August recently and would like to share some tips and guides for travelers around Langkawi Island.

The tips and guides will be broken down into several post due to the length but with the main guide and links listed as below (click to view):-

- Ferry - From Penang or Kedah
- Flight - Air Asia / Berjaya Air / Malindo Air
- Sight visit
- Shopping
- Eat and Drink
- Spa
- Water sport
- Island hopping

- Kuah (budget to mid range)
- Pantai Cenang/Pantai Tengah (budget to high range)
- Tanjung Rhu (mostly high range)
- Pantai Kok (mostly high range)
- Kuah
- Pantai Cenang/Pantai Tengah
- Tanjung Rhu
- Pantai Kok
- Kuah
- Pantai Cenang/Pantai Tengah
- Tanjung Rhu
- Pantai Kok
- Taxi
- Car/Bike rental
- Kuah
- Pantai Cenang

Putrajaya Series

Abandoned my blog for quite some time, busy with life and new job. Many stories and photos are piling up to be shared. Today I will share a series of photoshoot done in Putrajaya.

It is not hard to take pictures of Putrajaya given that so many examples available online and as long as you know when and where to go. However, it depends heavily on your luck for a nice weather to shoot on. I have been there twice but only get some satisfactory shots. The first time was a test out for the location but the weather didn't turn out good for me. The second visit was phenomenal with magnificent sunset and colours for the sky.

Do enjoy the photos below.


and my personal favourite..